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Two New One-Piece Moi meme Moitie Dresses For Sale

The first dress is the Black Lace Over Blue One-Piece. It is a size two with tags. It was only tried on, never worn. All of the information about the dress is on my Storenvy page here:
Measurements and more photos are on that page along with the price which is much lower than what I paid for it. I am selling it for $279.97 US

The second dress is the Black Chiffon One-Piece which is also a size two and still has the tags since it was only tried on but never worn. I am selling it for the same price of $279.97. Information here at my Storenvy listing:

I have 1145 feedback on eBay where I was selling as EtherealSpirits. My feedback is here
I am a Top Seller there but due to how difficult and time consuming eBay has made it to sell I am no longer going to list there.

I am located in the US but am willing to ship outside of the US. You can either purchase on Storenvy or private message me here on Live Journal. I can combine shipping in the US. If you are outside the US and wish to purchase please let me know where you are at so I can get the shipping costs from USPS. I do take PayPal payments. All items will be shipped once payment clears and will be fully insured so if there is any damage from shipping or your item is not received you can file a claim with the USPS.

Please do not ask for a lower price. I have already discounted these alot from what I originally paid. They are brand new.

Thank you for looking at my items.
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